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Why you should learn Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is a martial art that focuses on connecting the human body directly with combat techniques.

Bruce Lee considered that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If those two points are the human body and combat, then the nexus between them shouldn't’t be rigid techniques and forms - Rather it is the human body’s propensity for combat.

There is no set technique or defined forms within Jeet Kune Do, rather it is the impetus to attack through any means based on the individual’s reflex and action.

Attack and defense

Attack is based on attacking the weak spots of the human body such as the eyes, groin and throat. This is relatively straightforward. What makes Jeet Kune Do unique is the concept of defense.

When the enemy attacks, the strongest point of his power projection is at the point of impact. This is normally at the end of a punch or kick after the fist or leg has been fully extended. The opponent’s attacking power would be weaker any time prior.

The fundamental concept of Jeet Kune Do is to intercept the enemy’s hand or leg before it reaches its intended target, when it is relatively weak. The training is geared towards using simple techniques explosively to this end, such that the power of the entire body can be focused into a single point for release.


Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do can be broadly categorized into two main stages. Stage 1 occurred around 1959 - 1967. At that time, Bruce Lee based his fighting technique mainly on Wing Chun, the style he trained in from 13 to 18 in Hong Kong.

Stage 2 could be seen as the period from 1967 - 1973. In October 1967 Bruce Lee talked about Jeet Kune Do in Blackbelt Magazine. The framework for this style became more established and Bruce Lee was able to absorb the best ideas from other styles such as Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Karate and Jiu Jitsu into a mixed martial art he could call his own.

What you'd find in our Volume 1 eBook

While Jeet Kune Do has no set forms, it does rely on a core foundation of techniques that serves as powerful attacking and defensive methods on their own as well as inspiring the Jeet Kune Do fighter to improvise according to his needs and abilities.

Volume 1 of our Jeet Kune Do series introduces the basic techniques and training methods of Jeet Kune Do, and how they are applied:

    • On Guard Position - This is the key combat position. Find out how to form the basic combat stance and related training so that it can be done well.

    • Footwork - Jeet Kune Do is about being quick on your feet so as to generate maximum attacking power. Our eBook shows you the different types of stepping methods in Jeet Kune Do as well as training methods on them.

    • Kicking methods - Bruce Lee was famous for his powerful kicking abilities. Find out how to master the different types of kicking technique for both the lead and supporting legs from the combat position and how they are applied in a fight, together with practice drills

    • Punching methods - Discover the power of the famous inch-punch as well as other powerful hand techniques. Discover how to perform the different types of punching technique for both hands from the combat position, how they are applied in a fight together with practice drills

    • Elbow strikes - Hit your opponent at extreme close range with elbow strikes that are extremely hard to counter. How to perform the different types of elbow strikes for both sides from the combat position, how they are applied in a fight together with practice drills

    • Knee strikes - One of the most powerful weapons in the Jeet Kune Do arsenal. A well placed knee strike can maim or kill your opponent outright. Discover how to perform the different types of knee strikes for both sides from the combat position, how they are applied in a fight and practice methods

    • Grappling, throwing and joint locking - Ground fighting is one of the key cornerstones of Jeet Kune Do. Find out how to lock your opponent into submission when the fight ends up on the ground. Our eBook shows the different techniques used at point blank range by the Jeet Kune Do fighter such as Hip Throws, Wrist Locks and Scoop Throws (and more), how they are applied in a fight plus practice methods.

Benefits of our eBook

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